Terms & Conditions

Service Agreement

This agreement is made between Craig Corey Travel Service, Inc., dba Craig Corey Vacations, and the customer, relative to travel arrangements to be made by us for the customer.

NOTE: It is understood that Craig Corey Vacations is not a guarantor of services, nor a guarantor of supplier’s and/or airline’s financial condition. Craig Corey Vacations strongly advocates the purchase of a "separate entity" trip cancellation/interruption insurance policy (one that is not part of the supplier providing travel) to cover travel arrangements from possible default by the supplier of travel, and to guard against loss of monies in the event of cancellation by the passenger due to unforseen illness or death reasons. This coverage is always recommended-ALWAYS!

All reservations and/or purchases you make through Craig Corey Travel Service, Inc., dba Craig Corey Vacations (hereinafter referred to as CCV ) are subject to the terms, conditions and notices as they exist at the time the reservation is made. We, and any third-party supplier involved (airlines, tour operators, travel brokers, hoteliers, cruise lines, etc.) reserve the right to change these terms, conditions and notices as deemed necessary, and you agree to accept and be bound by such terms, conditions, and notices that are in effect at the time of your purchase of travel products, whether by phone, in person, by e-mail, or on-line.

Responsibility: The Customer understands that CCV, in making these arrangements, acts only as agent for the owners, operators, wholesalers, and/or contractors, and consolidators, hereinafter referred to as the Suppliers, and as such, the sole financial responsibility of CCV is limited to the amount of commission it receives from the suppliers, if any.

As our customer, you hereby appoint CCV to be your attorneys-in-fact for the purpose of signing all documents necessary to purchase and issue airline tickets, tours, cruises, and hotel guarantees for late arrivals. You authorize any of the attorneys-in-fact to sign credit card authorizations for said purchases whenever any of them receives a booking request, whether in person, by phone, via e-mail, or on-line, reasonably believed to be from you, requesting those tickets be charged to this credit card account. You agree that you will pay for all such purchases and will not hold us responsible for any of our actions pursuant to this power of attorney.

The Customer agrees to abide by the terms or conditions of purchase imposed by the supplier, including, but not limited to, payment of all amounts when due and compliance with the supplier's rules and restrictions regarding availability and use of any products or services,

The Customer agrees to hold CCV blameless in making the arrangements on Customer's behalf, provided the arrangements are made through generally acceptable Suppliers at the time of engagement, and further agrees that restitution, or damages, if any are claimed, shall be sought directly from Suppliers. The Customer also agrees to the terms and conditions of the tour, cruise or services as set forth in the brochure and/or circulars, or on-line postings and advertisements of the Suppliers. CCV may, at its own discretion, choose not to represent, book, or process payments for certain suppliers
of travel.

Limitation of refunds:  All travel suppliers impose cancellation and change penalties up to 100% depending on when purchased, when changed, or when cancelled by the customer. And almost all airline tickets are 100% non-refundable. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the travel supplier’s schedule of cancellations in order to understand the amount you may lose, if and when you cancel your travel arrangements. CCV strongly recommends the purchase of Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance for all travel arrangements.

CCV shall not become liable for any personal injury, property damage, accident, delay, inconvenience, change in itinerary of accommodations, or other irregularity which may occur due to (1) wrongful, negligent, or arbitrary acts or omissions on the part of  Suppliers, their agents or employees or others not under the direct control of CCV, (2) defects or failures of an conveyance, equipment or instrumentality not under the direct control of CCV, and (3) but not limited to Acts of God, fire, acts of governments or other authorities, wars, terrorism, hijackings, civil disturbances, riots, strikes, thefts, pilferage, epidemics, quarantines, or dangers incident to the sea, land and air, flight cancellations, hotel overbookings.

Flight delays and/or cancellations: Flight delays and/or sudden, unexplained cancellations are commonplace in today’s market. If for any reason you experience a delay and/or cancellation, airlines are not required by law to compensate you for additional expenses as a result of the delay, such as meals, hotels, ground-transport, etc.  CCV strongly recommends the purchase of Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance to help off-set the unexpected extra costs that may be imposed on the passenger as a result of a delay, and/or cancellation.

Charter Flights: “Charter” means that flights are non-scheduled, typically at a lower-cost, and operated by a “travel supplier.” They run only on occasion, but at a specific advertised date/time, and only to that destination, quite often using lesser-known air carriers. Though the flight may be advertised as direct, or nonstop, last-minute changes may occur that involve an enroute stop. A change in airline by the travel supplier (charter operator,) or a change of equipment (the type of aircraft being used) may occur, or the dates and times may suddenly change altogether. If you miss the charter flight, neither the charter operator nor the airline being used can re-accommodate you on an alternate flight, particularly with scheduled air carriers, because they do not have “interline” (cooperative partnership) agreements with other carriers. Charter flight tickets are always non-refundable, and cannot be changed under any circumstances. Charter flights do not accrue frequent flyer miles, do not offer advance seat assignments, and typically offer little, or no in-flight services, and do not make flight connections, nor checked baggage connections to other flights. CCV strongly recommends the purchase of Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance for charter flights.

Low-cost airlines. It is important to understand that most low-cost airlines sell tickets for flights, where, other than the seat on the plane, NO OTHER AMENITIES WHATSOVER are automatically included in the fare. Seat assignments, boarding priority, on-board bin-storage spaces, meals, beverages (including coffee, tea, soft-drinks,) checked-baggage, and/or the privilege to change flights, dates, or times are ONLY OFFERED (if at all) FOR A CHARGE, known as an “ancillary” fee. Low-cost carriers do not, and cannot make flight connections to other air carriers, nor can they check bags to be automatically transfered to other carrier’s flights because they do not typically maintain “interline” (cooperative partnership) agreements with other carriers. Though the general idea of a “low-cost airline” is to save money, customers must be aware that ancillary fees can/do add up quickly! CCV may, at its own discretion, choose not to represent, book, or issue tickets for certain low-cost carriers.

Baggage: CCV does not arrange for checked baggage, nor pre-pay, deliver, or recover baggage. Checked-baggage issues are the responsibility of the traveler. Pre-purchase of checked baggage can be accomplished by contacting the air carrier by phone, on-line, or at the airport upon check-in. All travelers are expected to adhere to the rules and restrictions governing the transport of baggage as set forth by the Transportation Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security. Once a bag is deemed delayed, or ultimately lost, it’s the traveler’s responsibility to immediately file a claim with the final air carrier who was deemed to be delivering the bag. All subsequent issues with the claim must be pursued directly with the air carrier. CCV recommends the purchase of Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance which includes coverage for baggage delay (12-hours or more,) or baggage lost entirely.

Seat assignments: CCV customarily assists customers in making advance seat assignments on scheduled air carriers, if, and when possible, and/or available. Depending on when you book your ticket, very often, usually closer to a travel date, the “seat map” is already maxed-out. This means that the airline has already fulfilled the maximum number of seats allocated for pre-assignment, and the remainder of assignments are usually being held-back by them, for airport check-in. Even after a seat has been assigned, it is still not guaranteed, as airlines can/do shift, or remove them altogether if deemed necessary for operational purposes. If this occurs, CCV is not in control of airline’s seat maps, and cannot be responsible for the airline’s actions.

Purchasing “premium seat assignments.” Some air carriers, primarily in the United States, sell “premium seat assignments” for a fee, which are located in the Tourist/Economy (aka Coach Class) cabin. These seats offer a few extra inches of  legroom, and greater recline (as compared to the rest of the seats farther back) and they are generally located in the first 8 to 10 rows of the Tourist/economy/coach class cabin. It is important to understand that purchasing a premium seat assignment is NOT an “upgrade” per se, and does not include seats in either the First Class and/or Business Class cabins, and does not entitle the purchaser to any of the amenities that are normally part of  the First or Business class experience.  In some cases however, premium seat assignments may come with little extras like free drinks, priority boarding, and dedicated overhead-bin storage space, depending on the airline.

Travel to Certain Destinations: Most travel is completed without incident. But certain destinations may involve more risk than to others. Before booking travel, CCV recommends that customers review travel advisories, warnings, and restrictions that may be issued by the United States government to a particular destination. It is the passenger’s responsibility to obtain proper documentation before booking travel, such as entry visas, tourist cards, etc. In selling travel to a particular destination, neither CCV nor the supplier of travel warrants that travel to that destination is safe, advisable, or without risk, and neither CCV nor the service provider is liable for any damages or losses that may result from travel to such destinations.

Travel Documentation: It is the passenger’s responsibility to be in possession of, or to secure, the required proper documentation for travel. A valid U.S. passport is required for International travel, including Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda. In order to enter a foreign country, your passport (in most cases) must have at least 6-months validity left on it. If your travel is entirely inside the United States, Hawaii, or Alaska, a valid state-issued photo driver’s license is required to board a public conveyance. If travel to Alaska is through Canada, a valid U.S. passport will still be required. A “nexus card” or “passport card” does not, repeat, DOES NOT enable you to board any public conveyance for travel between the U.S. and ANY International destinations. It is the passenger’s responsibility, at the time of booking/ticket purchase, to provide CCV with the complete name(s) of all passengers traveling, exactly as it appears on that documentation, as well as birthdates. Failure to do so may result in denied boarding by the airlines, TSA, or DHS, and a loss of all monies paid.  If you plan and pay for a trip, and then subsequently encounter a name change, DO NOT CHANGE YOUR DOCUMENTATION UNTIL AFTER THE TRIP HAS TAKEN PLACE!  Once tickets have been purchased, the airline cannot accept a name change under any circumstances due to TSA and DHS restrictions.