PROFESSIONAL KNOW-HOW. We're professional travel advisors with decades of travel-industry experience! We know the travel products first-hand, and we know what works-and what doesn't. We represent the most reputable, dependable purveyors of travel on the planet, like Tauck World Discovery, Silversea Cruises, Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection, Scandinavian Airlines, and Small Luxury Hotels of the World just to drop a few names! Craig Corey Vacations is a bona-fide, officially-appointed member of IATA* and ARC*.

TRAVEL-RELATED SERVICES. When you book your trip with us, we offer travel-related services, including assisting with foreign entry-visas, or securing theater tickets for example. And we make dining recommendations, and much more. We try to protect your travel investment and your travel plans from the possible unforeseen circumstances of reality by suggesting that you purchase Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance.

MAKING AN IMPRINT. You might notice our footprint-in-the-sand logo in our advertising and communications. It's our corporate identity, and it makes a statement about our decades of experienc selling travel, but it's also a reminder of the neutral carbon imprint that we all leave behind in our travels, and to respect the places we visit, and not spoil them in any way. 

WHY US? Why should you use a travel advisor? Well, for one thing, we're more well-versed with travel than any other entity. After all, we've been the backbone of the industry since the very beginning, and today we still produce two-thirds of the travel market. You see, we know the world isn't perfect. We attend travel seminars, and we keep abreast of things. And we experience many of the products first-hand so that we can offer up-to-date feedback.

*IATA (International Air Transport Association.)
*ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation.) 


 Photo: Craig, transatlantic-crossing on legendary QE2.

Craig Corey has been selling travel for decades! It's been an exciting journey in an industry of ongoing changes, and Craig continues to discover innovative ways to evolve his business, keeping it fresh and client-focused over time.

He was always drawn to unique and memorable travel experiences. In 1985 Craig was promoting private passenger orbits in Outer Space that were to be scheduled, at a cost of around $100,000.  His ingenuity caught the attention of media, and television crews from around Michigan.

   What's the best thing you ever ate? "Oh, no question, 
   it's a Mont-Blanc pastry at La Maison Angelina in Paris.
   This is a dessert with a meringue base, piled high with     
   extrusions of chestnut purée, then filled with fresh 
   whipped cream!" -Craig Corey



"I was always forward-thinking," remembers Craig. He was promoting off-the-beaten path destinations like reindeer safaris in Finland, or hot-air ballooning over Burgundy. He was constantly touting cultural benefits of life-changing travel, even trying to talk unsure customers out of a do-nothing beach vacation, into something culturallly mind-blowing. "I knew early on that luxury travel was the core of my future business."

What's your favorite travel destination? "Look, you 
can't have just one favorite place! I mean, I love New
York, and who doesn't love Paris? And I will never 
forget the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, or an 
elephant trek in India, or swimming next to a whale-
shark in Cendrawahsi Bay, Indonesia! And you might
be surprised by the majesty of cruising on 
our own Mississippi River!"  -Craig Corey       


Ever since he established his eponymous Craig Corey Vacations, he has continued to look forward in his commitment to providing custom-designed, first-rate travel experiences.  
     -Bio by Brian F Beatty

Brian Beatty is a seasoned career coach with deep experience in personal branding and career narratives. He has written hundreds of bios, profiles and resumes. https://www.linkedin.com/in/bfbeatty/
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